2023 A Year in Review
 It’s been another productive year  thanks to our  dedicated team, hardworking partners, and determined clients  whose unwavering efforts and collaboration made  2023 one to remember! 
Telecom M&As: How Clintworld Migrations Create More Value Than Any Other Approaches
Delve in the  transformative power of the Clintworld Migration.  Discover how it’s  reshaping the landscape of telecom mergers and acquisitions,  and  setting a new paradigm for strategic decision-making  in the telecom industry.
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Making the Most of an MNO/MVNO Relationship
In recent years,  the relationship between MNOs and MVNOs has become increasingly important,  as MVNOs are able to offer competitive pricing and innovative services to consumers without having to invest in expensive infrastructure. However, for MVNOs to succeed,  they need to have a strong relationship with their MNO partners  and understand how to leverage their capabilities to maximize their offerings.
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Orange Belgium: Mastering Europe’s New Best Deal Obligation
With the implementation of Clintworld’s Clintview simulation software,  Orange Belgium not only crushed EU’s new best deal obligation , but unlocked the opportunity to  align campaign objectives across departments ,  prune active legacy tariffs , and  finally take the solution in-house. 
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How A1 Telekom Used Clintview + Teradata for Highly Individualized Tariff Recommendations in Minutes
When introducing a new product portfolio,  A1 Telekom Austria AG found themselves with a B2B migration challenge , turning to the  Clintworld/Teradata duo  to develop a dedicated tool for their sales agents to  manage the migration of existing customer contracts  into this new portfolio.
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Navigating B2B Sales in Telecom’s ‘New Normal’

Though hope for the end of COVID-19 may just be around the corner, emerging digital trends in B2B sales show that the new norm in virtual selling is here to stay. Moreover, companies using advanced communication, billing and intelligence tools to unlock the potential of their data are currently top-performers on the market.

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How Telefonica Reached 99.99% Tariff Prediction Accuracy in Their E-Plus Merger Using Clintworld
Germany’s  Telefónica Deutschland , operating under the O2 brand, utilized  Clintworld’s advanced simulation software and proven consultancy services  to execute a vast  forced migration and pruning project  after an 8.6 billion euro purchase of rival,  KNP’s E-Plus. 
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EU Member States: Status of EECC Transposition into National Law

As the 21 December 2020 deadline had come and gone, it was clear that not all EU Member States would implement the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) in time. The Code, which provides updates to the telecommunication regulatory framework applies to all EU Member States, including those in the European Economic Area (EEA).

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Clintview in a Nutshell

HAMBURG, GermanySept. 12, 2019

ISV Business Insight Award

HAMBURG, GermanyNov. 10, 2017 – CLINTWORLD GmbH is celebrating its winning the Teradata Epic Award for Business Insight at the 2017 Teradata PARTNERS event on October 23. Clintworld was recognised by Teradata for its work with A1 Telekom Austria AG, the number one telecom network provider in Austria.

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Clintworld Partners with SAP to Enhance Industry-Wide Transformation
SAP’s emphasis on  telecommunications transformation  aligns seamlessly with Clintworld’s mission to  deliver innovative pricing applications, worldwide.  Rendering this partnership destined to be.
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2G/3G Sunset: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities for Telcos
As the world moves towards faster and more advanced mobile networks,  the time has come for 2G and 3G to retire.  Winding down legacy network services is a necessary step towards  freeing up spectrum and resources  for newer technologies like 5G. While this may seem like a straightforward process, there are  a number of challenges and considerations  that need to be taken into account.
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Clintworld Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program
To adapt to the many financial, technological and competitive challenges,  communications service providers (CSPs) are quickly looking to adapt new business models  to ensure the flexibility, resilience and scalability of their technological supply chains.  Clintworld is making advances by becoming a Google Cloud Partner  and enabling its Clintview software to run on Google Cloud.
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2022 A Year in Review
 2022 was a spectacular year  for Clintworld—not just for our team but also for the  exceptional brands, clients, and partners  who achieved many of their goals with our Clintview software!
 (that’s right, that’s you) 
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2021 a Year in Review
It always amazes us to see how many milestones this community can reach — whether it’s  navigating large mergers ,  cleaning up legacy tariffs , or  eradicating yet another source of revenue leakage. 
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2020 a Year in Review
For some, it’s difficult to find a positive angle to this year, as many had their own combination of hardships to overcome. But for us, there’s lot’s of work to be extremely proud of, which couldn’t have been achieved without the help of our partners and clients.
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EECC ‘Best Tariff’ Compliance Is Not Enough: Discover the Benefits of a Proactive Way Forward

As the December deadline comes to a close, it’s only natural for telecoms to feel a little unsure about where they stand with respect to EECC. After-all, compliance most-likely requires changing some long-held business practices. While some just want to get it out of the way, others are taking a proactive stance resulting in an uplift across multiple KPIs.

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Customer-Driven Migrations: Interview with Clintworld’s Consultant Experience

With hands-on experience in the field of data analytics and artificial intelligence, our very own Nauman Ahmad describes Clintworld’s innovative approach to migration and pruning, and how Telcos can utilize client data to spot hidden opportunities.

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Telecom: How to Price Your Next Product [The Price Migration Strategy]

Launching a new product? Understanding all the factors behind the change is pinnacle to meeting target revenues, gaining a competitive edge, and maintaining customer retention. Make the most of your marketing efforts with a data-driven price migration strategy.

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Clintworld and Teradata Expand Partnership

HAMBURG, GermanyDec. 14, 2017 – Clintworld, a software development company focused on CRM and PoS services and solutions based in Hamburg, today announced a global distribution agreement with Teradata, the leading data and analytics company. With this agreement Teradata becomes a reseller of Clintworld applications designed to empower Communication Service Providers to achieve successful business outcomes.

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