2023 A Year in Review

2023 A Year in Review

18. January 2024 News 0
 It’s been another productive year  thanks to our  dedicated team, hardworking partners, and determined clients  whose unwavering efforts and collaboration made  2023 one to remember! 

We’ve been busy in 2023—but so have you!

720.000.000 subscriber simulations

Up 1.8% from last year. Whenever a client does a simulation, we can calculate how many subscribers were simulated per simulation, based on how many products were calculated, against how many customers and how often simulations were conducted. The formula ends up looking like this:

436.753.000.000 usage event simulations

Up 16.5% from last year. We do the same for usage events, calculating how much usage data was used for every customer (use case independent), based on the number of CDRs, divided by the aggregation level (1 no aggregation vs 10 high aggregation), times the number of subscribers. Here’s the formula:

203.000.000€ in avoided revenue leakage

Up 6.8% from last year. Revenue leakage is lost margin due to price reductions to customers (cannibalization from new products or loyalty offers), lost customers (customer churn), or inefficient processes (wrongful billing, double work on same topic, etc.).

Now to work on 2024’s numbers: cheers to a fantastic year ahead!