18. September 2019 News 0

Value. Event. Action

In the digital world, the Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) have access to a large amount of event-data related to the customer. The value of a single event in isolation decreases with time. However, the collective value of many events builds up over time.

In conventional analytics, insights from the collective events are nurtured over time, on the timescale of hours, days, weeks or months. These insights are useful for long-term strategic decision making, however for operational effectiveness it is important to unlock the value of every single event in real-time and react to an event before the value is lost.

Clintflash helps the CSP’s to bring the action closer to the event, hence capturing most of the value. Clintview captures insight from events over time by looking at the Product Catalogue, Customer Data, Usage Data. As a result, Clintview maintains a very structured and high-quality data source for Profile, Statistics etc. The strength of Clintview is the readily availability of ‘Valorised Offer Portfolio’, a portfolio which maximizes the value for the CSP in terms of ARPU, margins, competitiveness and customer experience. Clintflash leverages this Valorised Offer Portfolio along with the event data stream from sources such as network, location, device, app, social media to propose in real-time a ‘Flash Offer’.