Clintview is an all-in-one expert simulation & analytics software built for telecom companies. Clintview is used in a variety of established use cases such as Pricing, Portfolio Management, Quality Assurance, Migrations and many others. Clintworld’s predictive pricing analytics platform fully leverages the communications service provider’s data sources to go beyond traditional reporting and trend analysis.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Clintworld’s platform engineers customer value by identifying the determinants of future outcomes not captured in the data, and accurately detects anomalies, predicts behaviors. This fully enables the communication service provider to compute usages, and extract valuable information relative to the use case Clintview is used for. For more information please contact us or refer to our brochure. Clintworld also provides the B2B Tarif Advisor and the Telco Expense Manager. Here’s what makes Clintview unique:

Performant Simulations

Telecommunication companies worldwide suffer from insufficient simulation capabilities. A variety of different software tools for different purposes hinders them to quickly analyze alterations of both competitor’s and own portfolios. In fact, the complexity and mere number of priceplans, options and discount provoke a huge strain on IT systems like CRM, order management and billing, including high risks of implementation failures. So, the complexity of increasingly diversified product portfolios becomes the most important driver of IT-costs in modern telecommunication businesses. Clintview analyses thousands of pricing alternatives in parallel with full (billing-) precision. Contract-by-contract, customer by customer with a proven track record of large scale operators beyond 20 millions subscriptions.

Customer Experience Score

In the world of 4G and 5G product managers need to consider not only monetary differences of products but also content, usage experiences of different channels and services or service related impact. As they become an increasing factor that drives customer actions, its become mandatory for Communication Service Provider (CSP) to understand, quantify and optimise these.

Price Elasticities

Customers will react to price changes. They will adopt their utilisation
of services dependent on the price. Clintview considers these
customers’ reactions in a very sophisticated and still transparent way.
Clintview is ready-made to apply impacts in all dimensions of any new
product line.

Campaign Propositions

Clintview simulations are essential for product managers. And even more for campaign analysts. Clintview is ready to feed any 3rd party campaign or CEx system with purposeful and precisely computed suggestions. Clintview is made for being integrated into the analytical environment and leverage existing advanvced analytics and customer management tools.

Decision Functions

Simulation scenarios can be exponentially challenging. In Clintview combining variables for example on new price portfolios, legacy price portfolios, usage elasticities, customer experiences can be handled in one scenario using “decision functions”. The analyst can focus on comparing sensitivity of assumptions. There is no need for starting and assembling hundreds of simulations on micro-segments.

Perfect Portfolio Design

Every second telecommunications CEO is aware of new market entrants. This leads to stronger competition in saturated markets such as Western Europe. For example, telecoms from emerging markets are looking for profitable assets abroad, utilizing their well built low-cost operating models to oust local incumbents. There is also the fact that companies new to the industry will enter the market with own competitive products. More than 70 percent of telecom managers are awaiting such engagements within the next two years.