Product Launch

Product Launch

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How does Clintview Work?

There can be different compelling events for a new product launch.


A new promotion is launched by the competition, which the operator finds too aggressive. If they do not react, they will lose subscribers. However, if they launch a similar tariff, they will lose revenue due to cannibalization.


  • Based on customer behaviour, in terms of how they respond to current tariffs, new product ideas could be launched .
  • Segmentation: Knowing the needs and wants
    • Who want it?
    • What they want?
    • For how much?
  • STP – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Improve customer experience
  • Evoke perception of higher value by offering a superior product.


  • There is a drop in ARPU or Margin for some segments.
  • The operator would like to differentiate on Product or Price in order to claim missing revenue. 
  • Value proposition
  • Price levels

Current Operator Challenges

  • Long time to market for new product introduction
  • Segmentation – whom to offer?
  • No precise estimates for future ARPU/margin impact (Manage Risk)
  • Apparently attractive new offers my lead to product cannibalization.
  • Management approval process

Improvements compared to Current Product Analysis Capabilities

  • Precise computation of ARPU and Margins effects
  • Efficient and systematic handling of scenarios for usage change (price elasticity)
  • Clintview NDEX (Negative Data Experience Score) for Data Speeds
  • Compute Margins customer-by-customer
  • Reduce ARPU dilution for new product introductions
  • Manage data usage growth and retain upselling potential