Clintview VI

Precision Pricing
Revenue Growth

Precision Pricing
Revenue Growth

Your all-in-one solution for pricing strategies, customer insights, and revenue acceleration. Discover how our customer-by-customer simulation engine empowers telecom companies
to stay competitive, optimize portfolios, and forecast customer needs.
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Clintview VI

All new software with a new realm of possibilities.

Plug & Play Use Cases

Frustrated by churn and declining ARPU? Clintview goes beyond simulation, offering unparalleled support for all your pricing needs. Simulate complex scenarios like new rate plans, bundles, and promotions—predicting their impact on revenue and churn. By optimizing ARPU and proactively addressing churn risks with data-driven insights, Clintview empowers you to unlock the power of precision pricing.

QA Simulation

Checking current Clintview configuration against billed values. Detect deviations and improve synchronicity between Billing / Data Warehouse and Clintview.

Competitive Analysis

Perform a competitor portfolio simulation. Determine the saving potential for every customer and feedback the results into “competitive threat KPI”.

Campaign Simulation

Simulate the entire product portfolio customer by customer and create a pool of offers for use in campaigns, self-service and call center.

EECC Best Tariff

Simulate the impact of complying with EECC legal requirements. Analyze different scenarios and compute the financial impact of these scenarios.

Household Simulation

Simulate and analyze Household offers for families or companies with complex structures like shared bundles and discounts. Prepare potential offers for campaigns and analyze new products.

MVNO Purchase Optimization

Optimize purchase costs in single customer basis or on bulk purchase agreements. Monitor the impact of price on your margin.

Migration and Simplification

Clean old generations of price plans, options and discounts by moving the customers to a current portfolio.

Promotion Analysis

Analyze the impact of offering promotions to different customer segments and see the results on promotional level and on a single customer level.

Product Management

Data-Driven Pricing
and Product Strategies

Clintview VI optimizes pricing strategies and inspires new product development by analyzing usage behavior and customer data. Its detailed insights facilitate a deeper understanding of customer needs, driving innovation in product and offer development, while actionable management reports aid in tracking performance and guiding data-driven decisions.


Redefining Precision
in Financial Forecasting

Clintview VI leverages client data to deliver unparalleled financial insights, empowering analysts with detailed customer behavior and spending patterns for precise forecasting and risk management, setting the standard for informed decision-making in finance.

Revenue Assurance

Maximize Revenue,
Minimize Losses

Verify your billing accuracy with precision, ensuring that every charge is accounted for and accurate. Clintview VI helps identify trouble accounts, enabling teams to reconcile discrepancies swiftly and efficiently, creating a deeper understanding of revenue streams and potential risks.

Migration & Simplification

Say Goodbye
to Complexity

The only industry solution that helps telcos efficiently consolidate, migrate or optimize millions of customer profiles by identifying the best transition for each individual customer to maximize profit and ensure a seamless transition.

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See what our customers have to say.
Stephane Desaeger
CRM – BI & Big Data Domain Manager

With Clintview, there was no need for costly customization, we were able to produce results using the standard product from three years ago. No surprise in cost and a smooth, easy implementation with limited investment from the Orange IT team.

Elisabeth Brugnara
Head of Mobile Services in the Enterprise Business Unit

The project was started with the idea to offer our business customers highly individualized offers, and optimize our selling process at the same time. Expectations were set extremely high and so far, they have been fully achieved. Even given the huge number of individual combinations offered to our customers, together with Clintworld, we established a tool to handle complexity in a transparent and easy way. Thanks to the SUSI application, our sales force and our product managers can focus on delivering high value to our end customers.

Michael Geissler
Manager B2B Transformation

In the course of the merger and the attendant integration of the E-Plus group into the Telefónica Germany Holding we had ambitious targets and tight timelines for B2B pricing migration and simplification. Clintworld supported us to fully achieve our legal requirements as well as our commercial goals by configuring complex migration rules in Clintview and a precise prediction of future basic charge and ARPU for each contract. For regulative objectives all results from the project were auditable. We all appreciated the constructive and open-minded working attitude.

Joao Lourenco
Head of Communication Data Insights & Investments

Clintworld’s tariff engine connects to our convergent data warehouse and makes full use of all near real time information on customers products and usage to help gain important business insights. By incorporating competitors’ tariffs we are in an optimal position to better control the risk of price-driven churn for each and every client.

Michael Weichert
Head of Central Analytics and Business Partnering

We brought together an understanding of our common customer base and the households we have together which have completely separate footprints from what Vodafone alone has on the cable side. There is a potential of gaining new households which have cable, and now these households have the opportunity for discounted mobile on top, which is quite interesting for those customers. Bringing this data together, merging it fast, actually allowing the business to go out on the commercial day one with our campaigns and communicating to our customers new offers available to them. That's quite a success on combining data and interpreting it in a clever way.

Charles Janss
Wireless Access Solution Project Leader

Thanks to Clintview we were able to immediately identify deviations in our data feeding processes: some customers were doubled, fields were found empty, and incorrect configurations of the tariff plans in the billing system. Identifying these unusual behaviors helped make changes in the way things are configured in the future.

Clintview VI

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