Use Cases

Over the years we’ve worked with the worlds leading mobile service providers and continuously improved Clintview to match our customers demands. The versatility of Clintview enables us to use it for various use cases. Here is an overview of how it can be used.

Best Tariff

The European Electronic Communication Code (EECC), EU’s directive to protect end-users in the field of telecommunications law, is just around the corner, rolling out in countries all over the European Union, some as soon as December 2020.

The sweeping update provides a number of changes to the existing telecom regulatory framework. Part of this new code mandates that an independent method of comparing similar telecommunications services be made available to end users, ultimately requiring regulated providers to tell customers about the best tariffs available to them.

As an all-in-one pricing simulation and analytics software, Clintview is a perfect choice for the Best Tariff due to its native integration, plug-and-play accessibility, and sand-box simulations that billing software just wasn’t made for.

Tariff/Billing Migration

Billing migrations are most often driven by IT, yet extremely disruptive to the Business. The cost is significant, and fraught with risk for Customer Care and Retail. Marketing can take the opportunity to optimize the portfolio of service plans against the current subscriber usage patterns, against the competitive landscape, and leverage a Revenue Quality Assurance (RQA) application to ensure the migration and optimization run successfully. In so doing, the billing migration and marketing operations will be more efficient, and Marketing will end up with a pricing analytics and simulation platform (PASP) going forward to ensure the portfolio of Service Plans and Offers is optimized for their target segment, relative to the competition.

Competitive Analysis

An estimated 13% of Service Plan revenue (revenue attributed directly to fees paid by subscribers for voice and data services) is leaked by Communication Service Providers (CSP) because they do not have enough information to better understand the competitive pressure of the marketplace.

Clintview software helps to identify immediately nd precisely for subscribers their price sensitivity, and potential revenue leakage of pricing churn due to competition.

Up-/Cross-sell Repositioning

Customers are permanently exposed to attractive offers, and knowing which customers are at risk and those who can be optimized will help Telcos to better driving their sales and marketing activities.

Clintview software identifies products and complementary options that are unfulfilled by current service plans for reducing pricing churn and consequently sustain profitability.

Revenue Assurance

In the world of 4G and 5G product managers need to consider not only monetary differences of products but also content, usage experiences of different channels and service A telecom organization’s revenue chain is usually a very complex set of inter-related technologies and processes providing a seamless set of services to the end consumer. As the set of products, technologies and business processes grows bigger and more complex, the chance of failure increases. A revenue leakage is typically attributed to when a telco organization is unable to bill correctly for a given service or to receive the correct payment. As an organization grows, the probability of revenue leakage increases s or service related impact. As they become an increasing factor that drives customer actions, it’s become mandatory for Communication Service Provider (CSP) to understand, quantify and optimize these.

Price Migration

Product portfolio is most often driven by a changing market environment and the increasing digitalization. It requires a greater focus in developing new revenue streams.

Clintworld offers a price migration service using its analytical- and simulation software “Clintview”. Customer data, actual and former usage data and legacy product components complexity are fully managed into Clintview, in order to define and iteratively determine the target portfolio and migration rules.

Clintview delivers for each contract the migration proposals with an accurate revenue prediction that helps Telcos and their top management fulfill financial outcomes.

Customer Experience

In the world of 4G and 5G product managers need to consider not only monetary differences of products, but also content, usage experiences of different channels and services (call drop, call failed..), or service related impact (waiting time at customer service…).

As they become an increasing factor that drives customer actions and decisions, its become mandatory for Telcos to understand, quantify and optimise these smartly.

Product Launch

There can be different compelling events for a new product launch.

  • High competition pressure
  • Change in customers behavior
  • New company strategy