About Us

Clintworld is an  innovative customer driven company  based in Hamburg (Germany), specialized in software development and synergistic consultancy services, focusing on the rapidly converging mobile, fixed and IP based telecommunications industry.

How we started

Since 2005 Clintworld develops and supplies innovative and leading edge CRM & PoS based services and software solutions for the telecommunications industry. The strategic key focuses on pricing management, simulation, administration, optimization and revenue assurance while interfacing with:

  • Network Providers
  • Network Resellers/Distributors
  • System Integrators
  • Consultancy Companies
  • Data warehouse and data analysis operators

Mission & Value Proposition

Our vision, goals and objectives are to support companies who operate in the telecommunications industry to optimize long term customer relationships, maximize business processes and enhance profitability transparently and measurably.

To enable this within our targeted markets we provide a seamless offering of products and services to allow companies to extract maximum value from their customer revenue streams and internal as well as external business processes. We are aware that Clintview is continuously challenged by customers and market trends. Therefore we must consciously balance a strategic product roadmap with short-term reactions to important market requirements.