B2B Tariff Advisor

Go Beyond the CPQ

One powerful yet easy-to-use  tariff advisory platform  that allows your  sales reps (direct) and partners (indirect)  to create quotes  fast and error-free. 

Simply: Configure, Simulate, Price, and Quote.

Loved by Telcos


Single Source of Truth

Telcos carry a complex portfolio of business products and consumer offers—which change frequently! The B2BTA creates a single source of tariff intelligence, equipped with an impressive attention to detail—everything from features, quantities, options, promotions, catalogue offers, custom discounts, and more to help configure quotes in a consistent and effective manner.

An Instant Connection An Instant Connection
B2BTA integrates with your existing IT system landscape, including CRM, sales, billing and internal databases.
Built-for-Telco Built-for-Telco
20 years on the market, B2BTA is customized for telco-specific requirements.
Manage What's Offered, Brilliantly Manage What's Offered, Brilliantly
Products are harmoniously picked from what’s available—no complications, no deviations!
All Shapes and Sizes All Shapes and Sizes
Optimize the potential of your entire product catalogue instead of sticking within the comfort zone, risking missed revenue opportunities.

Get Smart with Simulations

What’s the best product to offer? Simulations takes data on new and existing clients and turns it into insights, identifying desired outcomes, uncovering and realizing opportunities and establish critical success factors. Completely customizable, set your own rules from an intriguing up-sell, push for ARPU-up, or that clutch win-back offer.

No More Flying Blind No More Flying Blind
Identify roaming charges, over-usage, and more that can help when reassessing a contract.
Interactive Recommendations Interactive Recommendations
Design preferred tariff offers that are insight-led and reflect the customer’s unique needs.
Interconnected Rulesets Interconnected Rulesets
Incorporate interdepartmental business and technical rules to enforce company-wide synchronization.
Migrations and Pruning Services Migrations and Pruning Services
Assists in smooth B2B migrations cluster approach (customer frame contracts).


Dynamic Pricing Engine

Take control over your sales operations and margins by implementing pre-computed hierarchical pricing frameworks (customer, department, holding, etc.) including the ability to discount even complex requests for benefits on all customer levels (e.g. usage pool options, target discounts, convergence discounts and more).

Focus on the Customer, Not the Calculator
Let your reps apply discretionary discounts, B2BTA’s pricing engine does the math for you.
Red Light, Green Light Red Light, Green Light
Employ a price traffic-light indicator, alerting reps whether an offer/discount profitable or not.
Make Up For Lost Time
Identifying the right price fit—as well as a next best alternative—ensures preparedness, eliminating back-and-forth unlocking a faster time-to-revenue.

Launch and Track

Quote creation that’s fast, reliable, and hassle-free enabling you to scale your business—with a simple click. Give B2B buyers what they really want by automating and streamlining processes for faster quotes and smarter deals.

Offers That Stand Out Offers That Stand Out
Create customizable quotes that are not only precise, on-brand, and compliant, but provide a drilled-down, line-by-line transparency with analytics of changes and costs.
Automate Approvals Automate Approvals
With advanced authorization and approval workflows, B2BTA makes company-wide cooperating easy.
Eliminate Busywork Eliminate Busywork
When approved, B2BTA ensures other systems are well-informed, automating menial tasks for optimal efficiency.
Reporting Made Easy Reporting Made Easy
Easy-to-generate reports help management feel a part of the exciting plan to target, track, and land desirable prospects.

Success Stories

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Swisscom — Switzerland
Swisscom — Switzerland

After identifying the need for a new product portfolio, Swisscom teamed up with Clintworld in leveraging the B2B Tariff Advisor to forge a fresh workflow for their sales team to synergize with their migration. A smoother, speedier quoting-to-cash process was just a scratch on the surface, as they were able to achieve advanced roaming offer resolution, pooled bundle pricing, precise margin and discount management, and more.

A1 Telekom — Austria
A1 Telekom — Austria

In order to easily manage the introduction of the new product portfolio and to efficiently migrate existing customer contracts into this new program, A1 Telekom Austria and Clintworld developed a robust and scalable field management tool called the B2B Tariff Advisor to create precise personalized offers. This application also guides sales agents through the entire sales cycle and advises them on the best new offer for each individual customer. Read more.

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