Clintworld provides the standard pricing analytics software for telecom companies; Clintview. For more than 10 years, telecom operators throughout Europe have experienced the leading technology that speeds the time to market for new products, optimizes the loyalty campaigns, and secures the revenue streams.

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Clintview is an all-in-one engineering-software built for telecom companies to manage portfolios, market analyses, churn prevention, campaigns and CRM.

Clintview is the expert simulation & analytics software for Pricing, Quality Assurance, Migrations and many others in the telecommunications industry.

B2B Pricing

A Service Plan is truly optimized when the customer receives the appropriate value for the price they are paying, and the Communication Service Provider (CSP) is receiving the most amount of revenue while achieving the highest margin over the course of the Customer Lifecycle. Optimizing a Service Plan for B2B customers involves overcoming specific challenges.


In the digital world, the Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) have access to a large amount of event-data related to the customer. The value of a single event in isolation decreases with time. However, the collective value of many events builds up over time.

Product Of One

‘Product-of-One-Mangement’  complements ‘Segment of one Marketing’ providing tailor-made products to every customer​