Revenue Assurance

Gain a complete perspective of your actual or potential  leakage points  before they reach your billing system.

Why Revenue Assurance?

Operators have to prove figures they report to stockholders, public and regulators.
Highly profitable days of the past are gone, operators have to discover any possible way to increase revenue, in order to survive in today’s competitive market.
With increasing number of platforms, it is getting increasingly difficult to keep errors out of the revenue management process.
Today’s telco operation trend is convergence between network and billing systems, increasing pressure on systems and teams.
Telcos have to face permanent innovation: new 5G services, cloud platforms, eSIM products, household price plans, disruptive marketing approaches, and therefore new causes of errors.

With increasing failure and error causes, pressure on the revenue management systems is increasing as well.


Process & Technical Solution

1. Baseline Reports2. Monitoring3. Auditing4. Synchronization5. Investigation6. Prospecting7. Correction
Matching the complete pricing portfolio of the existing billing system for all single events help to:

  • Act as a “shadow billing” by processing all delivered CDRs and comparison of the QAT-result with the customer’s billing results
  • Perform data comparison from a customer’s billing—among other systems—via Billing Reports
Dedicated Monitoring Reports for giving clues about where and how revenue leakage might occur:

  • Credit balances check reports for explainable “jumps”
  • Using real-time data processing in memory to increase speed and accuracy of revenue leakage detection
Check integrity of the Billing revenue chain processes:

  • Checking of prices and balances within given service level
  • Matching of purchasing- and selling- prices on detailed level
  • Analysis, Classification and Communication of deviations
Consider specific Audit to ensure the reference data are synchronized correctly by:

  • Ensuring billing correctness for legal reasons, e.g. SOX compliance, ISO 9001 audit

When management suspects leakage, investigation is requested and must be performed by a RA expert by using the Clintview Software to perform statistical analysis and drill down up to CDR level.

Process of initializing an exhaustive and proactive investigation in a particular revenue leakage area, in order to uncover undetected or unsuspected leakages.

Correction is the final and most difficult part of Revenue Assurance. It can be as simple as a software correction, or complex as replacing a major system.

Success Stories

Telefonica — Germany
Telefonica — Germany

As Germany’s market leader, Telefonica found itself with a precarious situation. With over ≈70 tariffs, ≈1.500 options and ≈3.000 zones, they needed a quick and effective Revenue Assurance solution that could accurately capture revenue leakage for all prepaid CDRs throughout their network and customer-facing systems. The result? A full record-by-record solution that not only provided auditable results, but spun synergies with other solutions (tariff-pruning and migrations).


Tackling machine or human errors? See how errors are prioritized: