Clintworld Honored with Teradata’s ISV Business Insight Award for Innovative Collaboration with A1 Telecom Austria

The Clintworld Blog Clintworld Honored with Teradata’s ISV Business Insight Award for Innovative Collaboration with A1 Telecom Austria

HAMBURG, GERMANY, Nov. 10, 2017 Clintworld GmbH is celebrating its winning the Teradata Epic Award for Business Insight at the 2017 Teradata PARTNERS event on October 23, 2017. Clintworld was recognised by Teradata for its work with A1 Telekom Austria AG, the number one telecom network provider in Austria.

In order to easily manage the introduction of the new product portfolio and to efficiently migrate existing customer contracts into this new program, A1 Telekom Austria and Clintworld developed a robust and scalable field management tool based Clintworld’s ‘Clintview’ price simulation software to creates very precise personalized offers. This application also guides sales agents through the entire sales cycle and advises them on the best new offer for each individual customer.

Elisabeth Brugnara
Head of Mobile Services in the Enterprise Business Unit
A1 Telekom Austria

The project was started with the idea to offer our business customers highly individualised offers, and optimise our selling process at the same time. Expectations were set extremely high and so far, they have been fully achieved. Even given the huge number of individual combinations offered to our customers, together with Clintworld, we established a tool to handle complexity in a transparent and easy way. Thanks to the SUSI application, our sales force and our product managers can focus on delivering high value to our end customers.

The ‘Super Simulation’ (SUSI) software, driven by the massively parallel power of Teradata, can calculate millions of offer combinations and provide the results in minutes or seconds. SUSI on Teradata enabled the strategic business outcome: a rapid migration of customers to new product portfolio. All KPIs (e.g. software utilization, revenue changes) were met, indicating a highly successful implementation benefiting the client’s business.

Wolfgang Klotzki
Chief Executive Officer
Clintworld GmbH

To be recognised by Teradata as a winner in the Business Insight category is a great honour and is a testament to the work we are doing at Clintworld in aligning efforts with Teradata to deliver outstanding tangible and measurable business results through analytics. We are proud to be a part of this outstanding group.

The annual Teradata EPIC Awards program recognizes the world’s best in taking a data-driven approach to generate business, marketing or operational success. The awards are given for outstanding achievement in the use of data analytics to create positive business outcomes.

Clintworld and A1 Telekom Austria, winners in the category of Business Insight
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About the Teradata EPIC Awards

Teradata EPIC Awards recognize Teradata customers and partners for their leadership in driving positive business outcomes with data and analytics. All companies that have reported extraordinary business results based on any analytic platform, including Teradata, and have documented the bottom-line business value to the company are eligible for nomination.

About Clintworld

Clintworld is a Hamburg-based software developer specializing in telecom software and consulting services. With over 20 years of industry experience, Clintworld is renowned for pioneering cutting-edge solutions customized to meet global telecom needs. Clintworld’s data engine, dubbed Clintview, utilizes real-time customer and product data to personalize the entire telco experience. Clintworld serves some of the world’s top telco brands, including Orange, Telefònica, Vodafone, Virgin Media O2 and Swisscom.

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