How A1 Telekom Leveraged
Clintview + Teradata for Rapidly Customized Rate Plan Recommendations

Vienna, Austria
A1 Telekom Austria
Use Case:
B2B Tariff Advisor

When introducing a new product portfolio, A1 Telekom Austria AG found themselves with a B2B migration challenge, turning to the Clintworld/Teradata duo to develop a dedicated tool for their sales agents to manage the migration of existing customer contracts into this new portfolio.

The result? A ‘Super Simulation’ software dubbed ‘SUSI’, based on Clintworld’s Clintview price simulation software and driven by the parallel power of Teradata, which calculated millions of price offer combinations to provide best tariff recommendations in minutes.

But that’s not all A1 could look forward to:

80 %
Customer acceptance
of new portfolio

8 D.
Migration period
as opposed to the
1-3 W. Norm
11 Mo.
after go live
revenue and margin
in line with predictions

As the number one fixed and mobile network operator in Austria with over 5.1 million mobile and 2 million fixed-line customers, it was time for A1 Telekom Austia to modernize their 15 year old product portfolio mix to a state-of-the-art ‘A1 Mobile Product Portfolio’. Their aim was to find software that could calculate the individual best contract prolongation offer for every one of their current customers.

Here’s how it all went down.

The Solution

In order to easily manage the introduction of the new product portfolio and to efficiently migrate existing customer contracts into this new program, the teams collaborated to develop a robust and scalable field management tool based on Clintworld’s ‘Clintview’ price simulation software to create very precise personalized offers. The application also guided sales agents through the entire sales cycle to advise them on the best new offer for each individual customer.

The Clintview ‘Super Simulation’ (SUSI) software, running on Teradata, calculated millions of offer combinations to provide best tariff recommendations in minutes — though often in seconds — resulting in a comprehensive offer on an individual subscriber level. SUSI enabled the strategic business outcome: a rapid migration of customers to new contracts.

The Results

The customized solution highly supported the needs of A1’s marketing, sales and customer service departments in choosing the best fitting offer for contract prolongations based on the last 12 months of usage as well as various decision rules in the background for the sales staff in the field.

The Clintview tariff simulation tool had the additional challenge to find the best tariff proposals for a wide range of different customer sizes, from small business customers to biggest business customers — from 10 to 10,000 SIM cards — all under one contract.

Furthermore, the tariff migration period was massively decreased with the new tool (Clintview SUSI). Previously, contract prolongation took 1-3 weeks in total with a lot of manual interactions between all business areas.

With the new tariff simulation tool, and its automated migration recommendation, A1 managed to migrate each individual customer to a new and accepted contract within one business day. The solution results to a massive improvement of customer satisfaction, migration quality improvement and much higher rate of automation in the whole sales-2-activation process.


From a marketing point of view the new tariff simulation reports helped to design future new products (tariffs and options) based on the usage and trend analysis and produced detailed customer margin analysis on the subscriber base.

Because of the huge benefits achieved by the “Mobile Business New” project using Clintworld’s ‘Super Simulation” tool under the Teradata Data Warehouse, A1 Telekom Austria announced “MBN” as the best project of the year in 2016.

Cross-Departmental Alignment with Company Objectives
Elisabeth Brugnara
Head of Mobile Services in the Enterprise Busines Unit
A1 Telekom Austria AG

The project was started with the idea to offer our business customers highly individualized offers, and optimize our selling process at the same time. Expectations were set extremely high and so far, they have been fully achieved. Even given the huge number of individual combinations offered to our customers, together with Clintworld, we established a tool to handle complexity in a transparent and easy way. Thanks to the SUSI application, our sales force and our product managers can focus on delivering high value to our end customers.

An upgrade to the understanding of internal processes:

Martin Van Uffel
Business Analyst
Orange Belgium

Clintview not only allowed us to better understand our customers, but clarified our understanding of internal, interdepartmental processes when products are configured into the billing system. By double checking misconfigurations, it’s helped us become more structured and more organized when requesting new tariff options and discounts to be processed by the billing team.

Charles Janss
Wireless Access Solution Project Leader
Orange Belgium

Thanks to Clintview we were able to immediately identify deviations in our data feeding processes: some customers were doubled, fields were found empty, and incorrect configurations of the tariff plans in the billing system. Identifying these unusual behaviors helped make changes in the way things are configured in the future.

Improving is impossible without an absolute focus on customer support. With the new solution, customer care is able to instantly identify a customer’s next best deal, becoming unremarkably responsive to an individuals rapidly changing habits and surging connectivity needs.

So, while the obligation is available on the customer bill every month, if they call customer services, they will be able to tell the customer what is the cheapest available tariff—all while taking into consideration the technical and business pricing complexity (including several layers of available discounts) of the business framework contracts.

Ultimately, Orange considered this legal obligation as an add-on to their tariff recommendation provided on a quarterly basis to their B2B customer cluster. Since each customer now has two options, the cheapest and best fit, the options increase the overall trust of the customer towards the brand, providing full transparency of what’s available.

Eliminating Legacy Price Plans

By implementing Clintview, Orange was able to turn a legal obligation into an opportunity. By leveraging the best deal requirement, Orange now has the platform to orchestrate a mass pruning campaign of their active legacy tariffs. In other words, they took the new legal framework not as a weakness or threat, but an opportunity to help customers find new commercial offers, cutting costs for finance, etc.

Results like these are only possible with a dedicated product and team. If you’d like to see how to achieve the same at your Telecom, request a demo today.