Clintworld’s Launch of Clintview VI Features Plug&Play Use Cases and Cloud Integration

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HAMBURG, GERMANY, May 10, 2024 — Clintworld is thrilled to announce the launch of Clintview VI, an already powerful software solution re-envisioned to offer even greater flexibility, control, and customization in the telecommunication industry. This latest version is designed to meet the diverse needs of telecom businesses, offering a one-stop solution with unparalleled capabilities in price simulation and usage behavior analysis for optimizing pricing strategies and maximizing revenue potential.

Clintview VI is designed to address several critical challenges in the telecom industry:

Product Management: Simplifies the creation and management of complex pricing structures and product portfolios, making it easier for telecom providers to offer competitive and diverse options to their customers.

Next Best Activity: Utilizes advanced analytics to provide insights into the next best activity, helping to drive customer engagement and retention by suggesting the most effective actions for each customer segment.

Churn Mitigation: Identifies at-risk customers and proposes targeted retention strategies, enabling telecom providers to proactively address potential churn and maintain a stable customer base.

Base Simplification: Streamlines operations, reduces complexity, and enhances efficiency, allowing telecom providers to focus on delivering exceptional service and value to their customers without being bogged down by intricate processes.

Sven Heins
Product Manager
Clintworld GMBH

We are incredibly excited to introduce Clintview VI to the market. With its advanced features and unparalleled functionality, the update represents a major leap forward in the field of telecommunications software. We believe that the new software will empower operators to make smarter pricing decisions, drive growth, and stay ahead of the competition.

Software Developer, Tim Heinemann, reviewing code.

Clintview VI introduces a host of groundbreaking features, including:

Comprehensive Pricing Support: Clintview VI goes beyond traditional pricing simulation tools by offering unparalleled support for all pricing use cases. Whether it’s exploring new tariff plans, bundling options, or evaluating promotional offers, the software provides the flexibility and depth needed to simulate and evaluate any pricing scenario with ease.

Effortless Configuration: Say goodbye to complex pricing structures and hello to a streamlined configuration that empowers users to effortlessly set up pricing, products, and options, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring accuracy and consistency across the board.

Instant Insights with Built-In Reporting: Clintview VI empowers telecom teams with actionable insights using a comprehensive suite of built-in reporting capabilities that instantly analyze simulation results, uncover trends, and enable data-driven decisions with confidence.

Universal Accessibility: Whether you're a C-level executive, a data analyst, or an IT operator, Clintview 6 caters to all users. No more siloed tools, the platform brings everyone together, fostering collaboration and synergy across the organization.

Modern Interface, Cloud Compatible: A sleek new web user interface and cloud compatibility, offers flexibility and accessibility like never before. Access your data anytime, anywhere, with the power of the cloud at your fingertips.

Clintview’s new update is now available for purchase. Reach out to learn more about Clintview VI and to request a demo.

About Clintworld

Clintworld is a Hamburg-based software developer specializing in telecom software and consulting services. With over 20 years of industry experience, Clintworld is renowned for pioneering cutting-edge solutions customized to meet global telecom needs. Clintworld’s data engine, dubbed Clintview, utilizes real-time customer and product data to personalize the entire telco experience. Clintworld serves some of the world’s top telco brands, including Orange, Telefònica, Vodafone, Virgin Media O2 and Swisscom.

Media Contact

Robert Heger

Clintworld GmbH

Head of Marketing


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