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Telecom Business Intelligence / Pricing Consultant

Are you interested in a broad set of technologies?
Do you wish to work together with a dynamic and experienced team in an international environment?
Are reliability and problem solving skills your strengths?
Then join us for managing our state-of-the art technologies!

About the job:

The successful Business Intelligence / Pricing Consultant requires over 2 years experience and should preferably come from a consulting background in the telecom industry. All applicants must have significant project and business management expertise. And should also have experience in installing software products on-site or remotely.

Your role/summary of responsibilities:

  • Lead the project or assist the Project Manager with software solutions installation and configuration (remote and on-site)
  • Be able to gather, analyse and report customers’ feedback to recommend improvement for the web interface in all developed applications
  • Participate in the development and implementation of new or existing applications
  • Provide technical training and assistance to users.

Personal skills:

  • Strong interest in the Telecom industry and services offered by Telecom Operators (mobile, landline, broadband TV)
  • Ability to solve problems with an analytical mind-set
  • Ability to learn and apply new technologies effectively
  • Ability to work on your own or as part of a team

Technical Skills:

  • Good Knowledge of databases (not necessarily of Oracle or Teradata Databases)
  • Database Knowledge: SQL (Strong skillset is required)
  • Coding skills and Frameworks knowledge in: Java, PHP/JS, Angular, D3js, Highcharts
  • Tangible experiences with reporting tool (open source or not)
  • Application in predictive modelling and/or Social Network Analysis and/or Big Data project.


  • Ability to write and speak English and/or German fluently
  • Fluency in a 3rd language will be an advantage: French, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Spanish
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