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The Clintworld Team


Wolfgang Klotzki

Wolfgang Klotzki is a co-founder of Clintworld. His focus is on managing a sustainable company growth whilst maintaining first class quality.

After obtaining a maths and economics degree from University of Hamburg, Wolfgang joined Talkline GmbH and became head of pricing and business intelligence. In 1997 he co-founded solution42 that was acquired by Portal Software in 2000.

Wolfgang appreciates Clintworld’s international activities and considers every travel as an opportunity to appreciate at least a small insight into other countries’ cultural and geographical wealths.

He also reflects the value of long-term relationships by maintaining affection to Hamburg’s continuously unsuccessful football club HSV.

Check out their game schedule here (and yes, we do have Season Tickets!):


A lot of things in Clintworld revolve around our software “Clintview”. The heart of the company is and will remain its employees. In order to create and maintain long-term business relationships based on trusting cooperation, employees are needed who are able to live and transport exactly this philosophy. Therefore, we are proud of the fact that the average length of service is > 10 years.

A large number of the employees have already worked together at Solution42, the predecessor company of Clintworld, and thus each have more than 20 years of experience in the billing and pricing environment. Over the years, this core of employees has been selectively and specifically expanded to include colleagues with extensive experience in the telco industry and new qualifications, complete skills in the areas of advanced analytics and development.

We are convinced that “Strong delegation of responsibilities in a very flat organisational structure lead autonomous thinking and acting- while keeping a strong team-spirit” is the best way to ensure that the team members complement and enrich each other.

Looking to the future, Cintworld also attaches great importance to the recruitment and internal development of perspectives, which enrich the company with new impulses, approaches and perspectives. Therefore, we maintain a long-term cooperation with FH Wedel, whose students are offered practical training at Clintworld”.

Get a glimpse on some Clintworld people sharing a little insight into their daily work:

Lars Bitterling
Senior Consultant

With new ideas coming in continuously from the customer Lars isn’t bored having a focus on this important customer for a long time. He is one of the few colleagues coming to the office by bike, some quality time he devotes neither to his family nor to Clintworld.

Dirk Schmidt
Senior Consultant

With his background of elementary Particle physics Dirk is used to take a look at details while continuing to see the big picture.
Therefore for Clintworld is often sent to projects in the early stages when it is all about time to market and pragmatic solutions while not neglecting quality and precision. Due to his passion for good (and bad) films Dirk can be challenged to quote some really strange scenes and dialogues.

Sven Heins
Product Manager / Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant also having the role of technical product manager Sven focuses on having streamline and efficient installations of Clintview, whilst maintaining an ambitious product roadmap. In his free time he and his family are devoted to floorball a fast and challenging sport.

Nauman Ahmad

A young passionate engineer holding an Erasmus-Mundus Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics. With a hands-on experience in the field of data analytics and artificial intelligence, Nauman enjoys using his problem-solving and analytical-skills to explore the complex pricing relevant questions in the Telecom, IT and digital space. Nauman is a globetrotter who likes travelling and making friends around the globe.

Michael Wriedt
Expert Software Engineer

Michael is one of the co-founders of Clintworld. He holds a diploma in computer science and has worked for more than 20 years in the telecommunication market.
He is responsible for developing the main Clintview application.

André Rippinghaus
Senior Consultant

André joined Clintworld 2015 with more than 15 years of telco - experience as a product- and projectmanager for a sercive provider and wholesaler. Though he has executed several migration projects, for himself he is not willing to move away from his birthtown Iserlohn. Arguing his dogs would miss the many forests too much… but perhaps also because he is following the First Division Eishockey-Club Iserlohn Roosters.

Olivier Martin
Senior Consultant

Olivier is our Consulting & Customer Delivery Manager. He has strong multicultural experiences and practices in the telecommunications industry in emerging and developed countries. Moreover, he does not miss an opportunity to be interested in international and strategic relations' news, and loves to travel with his family around the globe to discover new culinary flavours.

Matthias Schwarz
Senior Consultant

As a database expert Matthias strongly believes that almost anything can be achieved through SQL; the rest is to be done in PERL. 😉
With plenty of experience in various migration projects, Matthias knows how to transform the vast amount of data into something meaningful.
At present Matthias is picking up electric bass and enjoys being in synch with the kick(-drum).
Alternatively, flying kites provides a very satisfying and recreational experience.

Carsten Eddelbüttel
Senior Consultant

Carsten joined Clintworld in 2011 after obtaining a physics degree at the University of Hamburg and working for nearly 15 years as product configuration team leader for German telecommunications companies.
This results in his deep knowledge of billing systems and processes.
In his private time, he enjoys his garden near Hamburg or travels to famous cities with his wife (and/or his two adult children).

Andreas Hart
Director, international Business Development

Andreas is our specialist in diversity. With his multi-national background he is expert in cuisine from all over the world while in his role in sales and business development he will create links between IT and business but most importantly between people.
In his free time he and his family are successfully managing conflicts, being the proud masters of a cat and a dog.

Hasti Salehi
Finance & HR

As one of the co-founders Hasti works for Clintworld since day one. She obtained a maths and economics degree from University of Hamburg. In earlier Clintworld times she contributed to the managed operations installation of Clintview for ThePhonehouse. Nowadays she is busy with all financial aspects and diverse other organisational tasks like user conferences. In her free time she and her family enjoy country life with horses and other animals near Hamburg.

Rolf Rudat

Rolf (Graduate Telecommunication Engineer and one of the co-founders) takes the responsibility for Clintworld’s IT infrastructure from the very first. After developing and maintaining software for some years, now he spends most of his time meeting the constantly increasing demands on reliability, availability and serviceability of the IT systems.
In his free time he likes to go on bicycle tours and to hike.

Tim Heinemann
Software Engineer

Tim joined Clintworld as a dual student at FH Wedel, University of Applied Sciences. In his working time he already has gained the respect from senior development and is responsible for internal and external web tools. When it comes to cart racing he maintains a respectful disobedience and wins by more than a lap. He also favours the wrong football club.

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