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Future-proof standard product

Within the scope of customer maintenance agreements Clintview was and is continuously enhanced with pricing features from all over the world.

For the last 15 years Clintworld engaged to develop against an ambitious roadmap for Clintview and continues to do so. For example the bundle pricing (for household and B2B) and the new proposition engine are among the latest new lighthouse features released in the last years.

Clintview relies on state-of-the-art infrastructure like the databases Teradata or Oracle and uses in-memory processing for unmatched performance.

Handles exponentially growing complexity

Bundle simulations are one factor contributing to the increasing complexity of pricing portfolios. In addition to that new services (e.g. banking, utilities, IoT) can be handled seamlessly.

Another aspect of building an analytical scenario is to consider usage elasticities. Clintview has an answer to that.

And finally the challenge of mastering very large legacy portfolios (there are installations with more than 100.000 priceplans and options) can be best addressed with Clintview.


Time is money when it comes to reaction on competitors’ pricing moves. A typical remedy is the “copy it all” approach which leads to cannibalised revenues. With Clintview decisions of this kind can be taken within business hours on a prepared and continuously updated set of KPIs and even a re-simulation (for new customer-by-customer propositions) can be run overnight.


Precision is key when it comes to quality assurance or customer advise. Billing and customer service cannot afford estimates – they require reliable data. As a foundation of all scenarios Clintview calculates all prices precisely as a billing system.

Often Sometimes pricing simulation is more than simple extrapolation of the current behaviour. Clintview offers a variety of enhanced modelling options (like usage elasticites or other modfications of historical usages). The subsequent revenues (and costs) are once more calculated with full precision.

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