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Clintview is an all-in-one engineering-software built for telecom companies to
manage portfolios, market analyses, churn prevention, campaigns and CRM.

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Our Software is versatile and used for many different purposes by the world’s
leading telco’s.

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More than a pricing analytics simulation solution

Clintview: Customer Value Engineering

Clintview is an all-in-one expert simulation & analytics software built for
telecom companies.

Clintview is used in a variety of established use cases such as Pricing, Portfolio Management, Quality
Assurance, Migrations and many others.

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Subscriber Simulations in 2023


Avoided Revenue Leakage in 2023


Usage Events Simulations in 2023


Churn per Saving Potential

  • Customers are simulated against respective competitor‘s tariffs
  • Real Churn (after 4 months) is determined against saving potential
  • Example: with the navy marked saving potential of 28% churn starts to increase significantly
  • This KPI is highly important, needs to be determined for customer segments
Preventing and Securing Profitability

Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance can be defined as the process of ensuring that all products and services
provided by the Telecom Service Provider are billed as per the commercial agreement with customers
by ensuring billing – and configuration integrity and accuracy across the relevant systems. This in
order to improve profits, revenues and cash flow. Revenue Assurance is practically strongly related
to billing assurance.

As an organization grows, the probability of revenue leakage increases. Clintworld offers a managed
operations service for full billing assurance in post- and prepaid-business to reduce human errors
combined with supervision of maschines.

Simulation for Complex Bundles (B2C & B2B)

Bundle Simulations

Telecommunications thrives
on Communication

EECC’s Best Tariff

The European Electronic Communication Code (EECC) provides a number of changes to
the existing telecom regulatory framework. Part of this new code mandates that an independent method
of comparing similar telecommunications services be made available to end users, ultimately
requiring regulated providers to tell customers about the best tariffs available to them.


Migration & Pruning

In order for Telcos to effectively satisfy each customer’s growing appetite for
low rates and innovation, it’s no wonder migration and pruning practices are becoming an
increasingly frequent occurrence. For each contract, Clintview delivers the migration proposals with
an accurate revenue prediction that helps Telcos and their top management fulfill financial
outcomes, engage post and prepaid subscribers, and reduce the likelihood of churn.



Clintworld relies on leading-edge technologies for
implementing its IT solutions.

In the course of the merger and the attendant integration of
the E-Plus group into the Telefónica Germany Holding we had ambitious targets and tight
timelines for B2B pricing migration and simplification. Clintworld supported us to fully achieve
our legal requirements as well as our commercial goals by configuring complex migration rules in
Clintview and a precise prediction of future basic charge and ARPU for each contract. For
regulative objectives all results from the project were auditable. We all appreciated the
constructive and open-minded working attitude.

Michael Geissler

Manager B2B Transformation

Clintworld’s tariff engine connects to our convergent data
warehouse and makes full use of all near real time information on customers products and usage
to help gain important business insights. By incorporating competitors’ tariffs we are in an
optimal position to better control the risk of price-driven churn for each and every client.

Joao Lourenco

Head of Communication Data Insights&Investments

With Clintview, there was no need for costly customization, we were able to produce results using the standard product from three years ago. No surprise in cost and a smooth, easy implementation with limited investment from the Orange IT team.

Stephane Desaeger

CRM – BI & Big Data Domain Manager

The project was started with the idea to offer our business customers highly individualized offers, and optimize our selling process at the same time. Expectations were set extremely high and so far, they have been fully achieved. Even given the huge number of individual combinations offered to our customers, together with Clintworld, we established a tool to handle complexity in a transparent and easy way. Thanks to the SUSI application, our sales force and our product managers can focus on delivering high value to our end customers.

Elisabeth Brugnara

Head of Mobile Services in the Enterprise Business Unit

Our Partners

Clintworld relies on leading-edge technologies for
implementing its IT solutions.

The Clintworld Team

A large number of the employees have already worked together
at Solution42, the predecessor company of Clintworld, and thus each have more than 20 years of
experience in the billing and pricing environment. Over the years, this core of employees has been
selectively and specifically expanded to include colleagues with extensive experience in the telco
industry and new qualifications, complete skills in the areas of advanced analytics and development. Get
a glimpse on some Clintworld people.

Wolfgang Klotzki

Co-Founder & CEO

Hasti Salehi

Finance & HR

Sven Heins

Product Manager / Senior Consultant

Lars Bitterling

Senior Consultant

Rolf Rudat

Senior Consultant

André Rippinghaus

Senior Consultant

Carsten Eddelbüttel

Senior Consultant

Michael Wriedt

Expert Software Engineer

Dirk Schmidt

Senior Consultant

Tim Heinemann

Software Engineer

and many more

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