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In order for Telcos to effectively satisfy each customer’s growing appetite for low rates and innovation, it’s no wonder migration and pruning practices are becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence. With a proven track record of 20 million customers, we’ve found success in enhancing the migration process to help telecoms engage post and prepaid subscribers, reduce the likelihood of churn and increase ARPU.

Trigger Events

The inevitable constant state of change comes from a variety of trigger events. Examples of such triggers may include:

  • A consolidation of billing systems
  • Elimination of unprofitable portfolios
  • Confusing or unappealing offer quality
  • Moving away from traditional legacy environments
  • Leveraging new innovations (i.e. 5G)
  • Optimize new business arrangements, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

Accounting for Variations

Real value lies in the deep technical understanding of the issues associated with migrations. No portfolio is too large or complex for Clintworld’s simulation software thanks to the customer-by-customer drill down enabling true customer value growth.

Assigning Rulesets

Setting ambitious goals is the first step towards creating a customer-first migration, all while keeping competitors and regulations in mind. This can be achieved by defining a ruleset, split into two categories:

  • Technical Rules define the relationship between customers, price plans and options (i.e. which option can go with which price plan? which customer can receive which discount?) This information is typically extracted from the billing/CM systems.
  • Business Rules define revenue, margin and customer churn targets during the migration.

Clintworld’s simulation software allows for the implementation of a flexible and transparent ruleset. At any stage of the migration project, for example, an unacceptable ARPU level can warrant the tweaking of the ruleset in order to achieve desired results.

The Clintworld Solution

Clintworld is comprised of consultancy professionals. Armed with Clintview, the next-generation in simulation software, we compute hundreds of price plan-option-combinations for large operators with a proven track record beyond 20 million subscribers.

Clintworld offers to support your migration process and can help you lead your subscribers from a bloated legacy product portfolio into a lean and mean one, that prepares your company for the digital future.

Key Features for Migration & Pruning

Ideal for B2B & B2C

Proven effective in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer market sectors.

Empower Every Team

Integrated with campaign management, fulfillment and predictive analytics so every department is on board.

Cloud or On Premise

Flexible solutions with on premise and cloud models.

Getting Started Is Easy

Clintworld offers two approaches in order to have end to end support, as part of a price migration project. A “Fast Migration”, for an estimated period of 7 months, and a so-called “Cascade Migration”, which is scheduled for an estimated 24 months and also delivers the first tested migration proposals at individual contract level after 7 months.

Migration & Pruning Success Stories

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