EECC’s Next Best Tariff Obligation

EECC's Next Best Tariff Obligation

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11th December 2018

Playing a key role in the EU’s ambitious Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) was established to protect end-users in the field of telecommunications law.

Part of this new code mandates that regulated providers inform customers about the next best tariff available to them at least annually:

In addition, and at the same time, providers shall give end-users best tariff advice relating to their services. Providers shall provide end-users with best tariff information at least annually.

21st December 2020

The pressure was on for National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) from each EU Member State, as they were obligated to implement the EECC into national law by the 21st December 2020.

Although many NRAs were late in doing so, it is now up to each and every European operator to adhere to the next best tariff obligation.


Take Control of your Next Best Tariff Obligation

Clintview is an all-in-one pricing simulation and analytics software built for telecom companies. A perfect choice for EECC’s Best Tariff use case due to its native integration, plug-and-play accessibility, and sand-box simulations that billing software just wasn’t made for.

Configure Your Price Plans

Clintview is seamlessly integrated with your billing software, ensuring correct utilization and interpretation of your data across the entire platform. This enables a comprehensive comparison of your entire portfolio of price plans, options, and discounts which can even include those of your competitor.

Run a Best Tariff Simulation

Clintview’s simulation engine computes results for hundreds of price plan-option-combinations for every subscriber in the selected customer segment. The number of results can be reduced using Conditions, Decision Functions and Scenario parameters. Several simulations for different purposes can be configured.​

Analyze Your Top Results

Once an appropriate number of tariffs is generated, rank every single customer with your definition of best tariff, resulting in either one best offer, an intriguing up-sell or retainer. Take it beyond monetary value to include content, usage experience, or service related impact, identifying new valuable customer segments.

Export The Offer You Need

Use these insights across any channel to boost the performance of your portfolio. The inclusion of their contract, usage and options, provides such granular customization that helps consumers know and trust that they’re being given the best deal.

Built For Automated Scale

As a fully automated solution, Clintview requires minimum OPEX to deliver relevant, consistent and automated results. Contract-by-contract, customer-by-customer with a proven track record of large operators beyond 20 million subscriptions, this is a solution that scales.

Helping Big Names Make a Big Difference

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