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In the world of 4G and 5G product managers need to consider not only monetary differences of products but also content, usage experiences of different channels and services or service related impact. As they become an increasing factor that drives customer actions, its become mandatory for Communication Service Provider (CSP) to understand, quantify and optimise these.

How to?

An optimized Service Plan is such that the customer is receiving the right value for the price they are paying, and the Communication Service Provider (CSP) is receiving the most amount of Revenue, and achieving the highest margin over the course of the Customer Lifecycle.
The challenge is how does the Product Manager know that their Service Plans are optimized for the intended segment of customers? Furthermore, how does the Loyalty Marketing Manager know when a customer needs an offer to optimize their perceived value and prevent Churn.

This is a key feature of Clintview. Our simulation software is fast & precise, and allows for batch simulations that can simulate whole customer bases in matters of hours. Additionally, Clintview transparently enables you to weigh in sophisticated customer experiences.

Use Case Sample:

[COST SAVINGS] Negative Data Experience Factor (NDeX)
  • This is all about the data throttling of certain contracts and products that significantly increases churn.
  • Usage elasticity is underestimated when combined with Data Package size
Examples of what is done:
  • Reducing data speed after a certain amount of used Data
  • Offering flatrates at throttled speeds
  • Offering large packages of national data on a high speed
  • Unnecesarily offering better service levels for not optimally targeted customers
  • Network costs exponentially rise
  • Complete customer acclimatation shift
  • Congested networks leading to higher infrastructure cost without sufficient income to cover
  • Increased service costs
  • Cannibalization of own products
  • Rise of “awareness churn”

For more use cases or tailored answers to your needs please contact us, we will be delighted to give you a quick and precise response.

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