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An estimated 13% of Service Plan revenue (revenue attributed directly to fees paid by subscribers for voice and data services) is leaked by Communication Service Providers, because they do not have enough information to better understand the competitive pressure of the marketplace.
Competitive Pricing Analytics (CPA) is a standard operating procedure in many industries, but is still a nascent practice in telecommunications. The technology exists. The data is available, and we provide operators with the tools to maximise the knowledge that it contains.

Without the benefit of good competitive pricing analytics, Marketing runs the risk of creating Service Plans and Loyalty Offers that unnecessarily reduce revenue from a given segment of users.
Furthermore, Marketing is unable to quantify the pricing premium or ClintKPI that they have created through the strength and quality of their network, products, service, and brand.

A CSP that leverages their data, in conjunction with Competitive Pricing Analytics is able to leverage the premium they can charge for their Service Plans before they incur price-driven churn and reduce revenue leakage
by 40%.

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