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Clintworld Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

To adapt to the many financial, technological and competitive challenges, [su_highlight background=”#E7E3D0″]communications service providers (CSPs) are quickly looking to adapt new business models[/su_highlight] to ensure the flexibility, resilience and scalability of their technological supply chains. [su_highlight background=”#E7E3D0″]Clintworld is making advances by becoming a Google Cloud Partner[/su_highlight] and enabling its Clintview software to run on Google Cloud.

CSPs have been migrating applications to the cloud at a record pace and CSPs are seeing the benefits of cloud transformations across both their IT and Network worlds. We are excited to join forces with Google Cloud to meet the needs of the CSP cloud transformation initiatives.

Clintview has been available as an on-premise installation at the clients’ data center and as a private cloud installation at our own data center. With communication service providers increasingly moving their infrastructures and networks to the cloud, we’re excited to join forces with Google Cloud to meet the industry transformation that is taking place. Google Cloud is Clintworld’s preferred cloud service provider.

As a data-centric, technology firm, it is essential for us to innovate and adapt our existing implementation models to make our solution deployable on Google Cloud and keep up the technical needs of our customers.

Fulfilling the Need for Cloud

Tying into the trends we see among existing clients moving into cloud computing, partners providing such services and opening the door to future prospects, Clintworld has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner giving Google Cloud customers the ability to use Clintworld’s Clintview software in the cloud.

A cloud-based deployment solves many bottlenecks faced with private cloud and on-premise installations. If the client has already moved their operations onto Google Cloud, deploying it would imply that our solution could be tightly coupled with the client’s existing technical architecture. Clintview would then be able to easily access the necessary information without the need for ad-hoc data transfers. The client, if necessary, would be able to access the simulation results and directly integrate it into their decision-making processes. A highly integrated solution is beneficial for both sides. Google Cloud components come with built-in APIs and connectors that enable this easily.

Partnering with Google Cloud will allow clients to deploy our solutions without unnecessary overhead and better integrate with their existing tools. It will also, thanks to Google Cloud’s superior data offering, help us create better and robust data pipelines that deliver precise results that drive our clients’ business decisions. It has also impacted the priorities of Clintworld into adopting a cloud-first strategy for any of our future offerings and enabling us to take full advantage of the benefits that the cloud provides.

We look forward to sharing our success stories to come.

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