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A Service Plan is truly optimized when the customer receives the appropriate value for the price they are paying, and the Communication Service Provider (CSP) is receiving the most amount of revenue while achieving the highest margin over the course of the Customer Lifecycle. Optimizing a Service Plan for B2B customers involves overcoming specific challenges. In recent years the diversity of these customers’ needs has increased, making it infeasible to sell one product to all users within a company. Individually-segmented user groups require specific attention and uniquely suitable services. It is critical all parties involved – sales managers, customer analysts, and customers – can communicate effectively and make transparent decisions. For example: How does the sales manager know when to actively contact the customer to submit an offer, and how can customer analysts provide the right offer at the right time? Furthermore (and this is an important mind-shift), how can B2B customers analyse their own users’ usage, create and manage internal demand, control costs, and request assistance from the operator at the right time? These dynamics necessitate that the solutions for sales managers (pricing advisory tool), customer analysts (pricing simulation engines), and B2B customers (Telecom Expense Management, or “TEM,” software) need to be highly integrated. Triple-price analytics for B2B can provide the perfect solution for operators facing these challenges. Serving all needs from one analytical platform will not only improve time-to-market and quality, but also leverage the systems integration to produce pricing suggestions that can be communicated in an ideal way. Comprehensive integration of customer data, pricing portfolios, and sales proposition rules allow all parties to make informed decisions and ultimately to build trust between the operator and their B2B customers. In this paper we cover details on how these systems can be linked together and leverage each other.

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B2B Pricing

A Service Plan is truly optimized when the customer receives the appropriate value for