Seamingless Integration

Clintview comes with an easy to understand user interface (GUI) for configuration and administration of a diverse market’s price structures, including environment variables such as competitors’ prices and interconnection costs. Beyond this, a comprehensive web framework is delivered as part of the Clintview package which allows setting of all simulation parameters, triggering simulations and displaying results via web 2.0 interface containing customer’s tailor made layout. This feature eases software migration and increases staff’s acceptance. Explanation: Employees prefer synergy between different applications they use at work.

Education and Training

In order to enable employees to benefit from the whole feature scope of Clintview, Clintworld created a comprehensive training suite which consists of complex business cases. The goal is to empower competences in using Clintview for achieving high satisfaction rates and optimal user experiences.

At first stage, the training suite focuses on technical product issues such as introducing all different parts of Clintview and how to operate the engine. After that, specific market challenges are defined, including the development of a tailored upselling and churn model. This practical approach is designed to realize quick wins by leveraging existing solutions already in place such as CRM.

Technological Flexibility

Clintview is designed to run in multiple technical environments. Support for running Clintview either on an Oracle or Teradata database is guaranteed. Furthermore, different interfaces are provided to secure linkages to other software products such as CRM and different contact channels for customers. Clintworld supports its clients in integration of Clintview to all markets and services, including a consistent monitoring of customer contracts and outcomes.

Want to know more?

We are happy to answer your questions on Clintview at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, you are welcome to set up an appointment for a personal presentation of Clintworld’s range of products and services. We are looking forward to hearing from you!