Modularized Software

Software which fits different ranges of demands is the best way to keep IT-costs low. In fact, agility and flexibility are the most important criteria for IT departments when investing in new equipment. The key benefit of a highly standardized modular software setup lies in a reduction of management and maintenance costs. A standardization degree of 30% for example squeezes IT-costs per customer down to less than 7 USD compared to more than 20 USD when using multiple IT-solutions.

Sophisticated Points of Intersection

Main driver for the requirement of high-performance simulation software is an exponential growth in pricing combinations due to increasing tariff model complexities.

Clintview handles these complex portfolios with ease and delivers all relevant pricing information to adjacent software tools such as revenue assurance, provisioning, billing, commissions, analytics and CRM. Since Clintview relies only on provided real-life information, no complex sample generation algorithms are needed to feature all these integrations to other external tools. Clintview works with any kind of usage input stream vesting from aggregated content to record by record information.

Flowing Integration

The modular setup of Clintview as described above allows a smooth integration to existing IT-landscapes. Since it is possible to define which specific modules are needed for initial use, Clintview allows further extensions to be added to it at any later time. This keeps costs under control because users install and pay for the components of Clintview which will be of use to them at specific points in time.

A typical initiation phase with Clintview starts with applications covering the customer advice management to improve customer loyalty and to launch campaigns. For this purpose, Clintview often gets its information streamed out of existing data warehouse solutions.

Typical First Use Case for Clintview

All other modules and applications are available for prospective use. This relieves software integration as IT-equipment can be replaced step by step.

Adaptive Enhancement

With Clintview, telecom companies can equip their departments with new features on demand which can be implemented independently by other departments and processes.