Revenue Assurance

Saturated telecom markets such as Europe and the USA need powerful IT support to find and take advantage of every business opportunity regardless of how small it is. Market analysis has conclusively proved that IT-spending plays a key role in achieving these goals. Today, ARPU increases significantly with IT-spending in mature markets. Explanation: Modern IT-capabilities outweigh low-price politics because air time prices are constantly decreasing anyway. In addition, convergence, partial flat-rates and new services such as mobile data have become reality, hence leading to more complex scenarios which can be hardly calculated without help of high-performance software engines.

Customer Value Engineering

With that said, it becomes obvious that securing high ARPU rates gets more important than racing for new customers exclusively. Useful for comparison: ARPU in Europe today adds up to only 30 USD compared to 50 USD in the USA. Many operators accordingly try to make use of extensive analytical power to break shares from a future telecom market with a predicted turnover worth of 2.7 trillion USD worldwide.

Therefore, Clintview delivers the capability to precisely calculate customer margins and run ARPU evaluations based on actual usage data and scenario predictions. So, every single change made to a simulated scenario can be simulated to determine the influences caused after the invention of a new product, for example:

This graphic shows how Clintview determines which product fits best for each registered customer. As a result, campaign managers get full detailed knowledge of product affinities for cross- and upselling activities. Clintview can accurately predict which product suits a given customer best at any time.

Improving Revenue Forecasts

Since Clintview features revenue forecasting with highest exactitude, operators do not have to invent hundreds of different prediction models to identify their business opportunities anymore. In addition, Clintview aims at establishing preventive rather than detective mechanisms so that dynamic business logics are implemented for preventing churn, increasing ARPU and acquiring new customers. As a result, business plans will definately boast higher reliability.

High Connectivity

In order to optimize workflows, Clintview connects to data warehouses, CRM, campaign management and analysis tools with minimal effort. This is realized by Clintview’s leading-edge modular structure allowing telecom companies to tailor Clintview exactly to their specific needs.