• Svilen Stoyanov, Head of Business Intelligence, M-Tel Bulgaria: We based our decision to implement Clintview on the tight integration between analytical power and customer management capabilities. While M-Tel employees were highly contributing themselves to the go-live, the Clintworld team cared about seamlessly integrating analytical and CRM components of their solution. Now in production today’s customer intelligence will result in tomorrow’s customer interaction.

  • ISV Business Insight Award: CLINTWORLD Takes Business Insight Award at Teradata PARTNERS 2017  

  • Perfect Portfolio Design: The telecommunication market is one of the most competitive business sectors worldwide. Thus, Telecom providers require intelligent high performance management tools for their portfolio to discover future growth opportunities and revenue risks.

  • Mike Dietze, Department Manager, E-Plus Germany: Clintview plays an important role in our analytical ecosystem. It enables us to make our upselling and loyalty campaigns comply with all financial and business targets. The level of prediction has reached a new dimension. After a short and lean implementation period, Clintview is run by analysts in BI with a growing demand of analytical requests from both campaign and product managers.

  • Joao Lourenco, Pricing Manager, Swisscom: Clintworld’s tariff engine connects to our convergent data warehouse and makes full use of all near real time information on customers products and usage to help gain important business insights. By incorporating competitors’ tariffs we are in an optimal position to better control the risk of price-driven churn for each and every client.

  • We are hiring!: Are you looking for new challenges in the telecommunication and pricing analytics fields? join our TEAM!

  • Modularized Software: A Modular setup allows to expand functionalities prospectively. Clintview comes with specialized modules for market research, product management, customer acquisition as well as campaign design to fit all individual needs.

  • Performant Simulations: Sales and marketing departments often lack necessary simulation tools to determine financial impacts of price plan alterations. Clintview delivers necessary calculation capacities for both periodical and ad hoc simulations.

  • Revenue Assurance: ARPU in mature markets depends severely on preventing price driven churn successfully. So, Clintview adopts the philosophy of a segment of one to identify best offers in each product portfolio for each and every customer.

Tariff Management 2.0

Clintview portrays complex tariff models

Every second company nowadays needs to increase IT-driven efficiency for staying competitive. Main issues are high error ratios due to redundant business logics pictured in different software solutions to cover billings, proposals and campaigns for example. Therefore, Clintview offers an easy to use simulation model helping telecommunication companies to merge all necessary software applications to one single platform which portrays any conceivable portfolio.


Integrated CRM Solutions

Clintview dispenses third party tools

Recent Market analyses show that at most 20 percent of all companies are confident of their implemented CRM software solution. Prime reasons for this discontent are serious difficulties with Data Quality Management and the inability of many CRM tools to shape a 360 degree insight view of all customers. However, Clintview combines full CRM-functionalities with leading-edge tariff management. Furthermore Clintworld possesses documented branch expertise.


Usability: Flexible Interfaces

Clintview blends in with existing IT

Seven out of ten users complain about loss of productivity due to usability issues with their companies' office software. These are the key findings of a German university study encouraged by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. To improve usability Clintview delivers web 2.0 interfaces with customer-individual layout. The technical integration with existing IT infrastructures such as data warehouses is secured via specialized uplink procedures.